Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hard Drive Shredding

Shredding is not just for paper anymore.

CBS news did a story on April 19th showing how hard drives in copy machines (that's right, copy machines) were used to gain personal information from a health insurance company.

At Eagle Secure Shredding, we have been in the information security business for some time, and it was refreshing to see that, finally, people we beginning to see that personal data was not just at risk when it was on paper.

We have offered a hard drive shredding solution for some time at our location, using a dedicated, specially designed hard drive shredder, but now we have the capability to shred hard drives, Black Berry's, PDA's, RSA tokens or any other electronic media at your location.

Give us a call today at 770-619-5300 and let us explain the process to you, and see how we can help you keep your data even more secure.

For a link to the CBS article, please have a look at our Hard Drive Shredding services page.


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  2. I have seen a video of the shredding service that dispose of hard drives. I normally just wipe mine then put a couple of nails through the disks. I think it easier and cheaper then getting them shredded.

  3. Is it possible to get a take away and shred service from your office that is secure? Specifically for hard drives and office equipment? In terms of legal requirements is this allowed? I have used office shredding services before but not for hard drives, can anyone help?