Monday, December 7, 2009

Tax Documents found in a Dumpster ... again.

It happened again. This time in Atlanta.

From Fox News Atlanta: "Private personal information was found in a dumpster Tuesday. Everything from tax returns to mortgage applications from a midtown accountant's office were found and state investigators said the documents should have been shredded." [The full story is linked at our website, at ]

This is yet another case of documents containing personal information found in a dumpster. Nobody seems to know how the documents got there, but they were found by a chap that was looking through dumpsters for cardboard to take to the recycle facility. Fortunately for everyone, he was an honest person.

Stories like this continue to surface, and highlight why you should have a document destruction policy in place that mandates the ON SITE destruction of all sensitive material. While the accountant in question in this story may indeed have relied on someone to dispose of the documents, this could have been avoided if he had used an on site shredding service that provided a secure chain of custody and a certificate of destruction.

If you are not shredding today, or trying to do it in house, please give Eagle Secure Shredding a call. We can evaluate your needs, and put together a shredding policy for you, and provide you with the level of service you need. If you ever do have a security breach, it would be better if you could tell the jury that you had a specific documented shred policy in place, and show how it was followed, rather than tell them that you shredded when you had some free time. We guarantee it!

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